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Learn about your patients and their health needs to position your practice to better fulfill their needs and attract more patients like them.

What is a Patient Survey?

How do your patients feel about you, your practice and practitioners?
What health products and services do your patients actually want and need?
How did your clients find you and what attracted them to your clinic in Edmonton?

Many business owners in Edmonton make assumptions about their clients. Instead of taking a guess, we take a scientific approach.

A survey is a method of gathering information from a sample of people to generalize the results to a larger population. In other words, we collect information from a small sample of your clients, which helps us learn about your total population of clients.

A transformation of healthcare is underway, from a sellers’ market to a consumers’ market, where the satisfaction of the patient’s needs is part of the definition of quality.

Department of Primary Care and Population Health, University College London, 2008
Survey Customer Patient Satisfaction Survey Edmonton

Insights You'll Learn About Your Edmonton Practice

  • How your patients actually view you and your team
  • How you compare to competitors
  • What your biggest strengths and opportunities are
  • What your biggest weaknesses and risks are
  • How you can differentiate your practice from your competitors
  • Why your patients chose you and your team
  • Why some patients chose not to return again
  • What services your patients wish you would offer
  • Which clients are loyal advocates of your practice
  • Which clients are potential risks to your reputation
Survey Customer Patient Satisfaction Survey Edmonton

Benefits of a Patient Survey in Edmonton

  • Hear your patients’ anonymous feedback about you, your practice and practitioners to learn what’s working well and what needs to be improved
  • Learn what health products and services your clients need today to focus your time and resources to effectively fulfill their needs
  • Discover how your clients found you and what attracted them to your practice, so that you can find more clients like them
  • Identify potential risks to your reputation and find client advocates that will promote your practice and send you referrals

Customer satisfaction has been found to be related to higher levels of profitability, willingness of customers to pay a premium price for products and services, favorable behavioural intentions, retention, repeat visiting behaviour, and repeat purchasing.

Journal of Services Marketing, 2012

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Our Patient Survey Process

  1. We design a survey that is sent to a sample of your clients
  2. You’ll review and approve the survey before it’s sent out
  3. We collect responses from your sample of clients
  4. We analyze the responses and prepare a report
  5. We present valuable insights to help you make informed decisions

Measurement of patient satisfaction is a legitimate indicator for improving the services and strategic goals for all healthcare organizations.

Journal Nurse Care Quality, 2002
Survey Patient Customer Satisfaction Survey Edmonton
Survey Patient Customer Satisfaction Survey Edmonton

Do it Yourself?

The time, resources, and staff required to design, conduct, and analyse a survey are invariably underestimated.

Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Oxford, 2014

Some businesses in Edmonton decide to conduct their own client surveys. Many clients may not provide candid responses if they know that it will be read by their service provider. Most people feel comfortable in providing anonymous responses to a neutral third-party and will be more honest about their feedback.

In addition to the time and resources required to conduct a survey, you also have to ask the right questions, use the right tools, and understand how to interpret the results.

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