Customer Service Training Course Edmonton

Customer Service Training

Edmonton Customer Service Training

Increase your client satisfaction, loyalty and retention by investing in your team’s customer service training designed for your health and wellness practice.

What is Customer Service Training?

Clients in Edmonton are twice as likely to tell others about a negative experience than about a positive one, and tell an average of 10-20 people about the experience.

One negative experience with any person on your team may result in that client not coming back, telling others about the experience, or writing a negative review online. A positive experience may result in that client returning, referring others to your practice, and writing a positive review online.

88% of people surveyed said that they were influenced by an online client review when making a buying decision.

Dimensional Research, 2013

Our customer service training workshop in Edmonton teaches your team the skills they need to deliver an exceptional client experience in person, on the phone, or online.

Customer Service Training Course Edmonton

Your Workshop Includes

  • 2-hour training for every person on your team
  • On-site facilitation with an experienced facilitator
  • All printed training materials and course guide
Customer Service Training Course Edmonton

Benefits of Customer Service Training in Edmonton

Client experience is the new marketing. A health and wellness practice in Edmonton that delivers an exceptional client experience can truly differentiate their practice from their competitors.

  • Improve client satisfaction and loyalty, which increases client retention. A 5% increase in client retention results in a 25% increase in profit.
  • Receive more positive reviews and testimonials on your website and other online review sources, such as Google, Facebook, Yelp and others.
  • Turn your clients into advocates of your practice that send you referrals to new clients.
  • Deliver an exceptional client experience in person, on the phone, or online, which strengthens your brand’s value.
  • Improve your team’s productivity and morale, making your employees feel like a valued member of your team. When employees feel valued, they value their clients.

Customer service is the number one factor influencing how much a consumer trusts a company.

Dimensional Research, 2013

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Our Customer Service Training Process

We join you and your team at your health clinic or wellness centre in Edmonton. Our workshops are engaging and interactive, and we’ll review the following topics:

  • Customer service 101
  • Mindfulness and emotional intelligence
  • Delivering an exceptional client experience
  • Teamwork and productivity
  • Resolving client conflict and problem solving
  • Role-playing with team
  • Questions and conclusion

A 5% increase in client retention results in a 25% increase in profit.

Bain & Company, 2001
Customer Service Training Course Edmonton

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