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Demonstrate Your Expertise to Establish Credibility

Demonstrate your expertise as a thought leader in your healthcare field and offer valuable resources to establish credibility with your audience of clients in Edmonton.

How Can eBooks Promote Your Healthcare Practice in Edmonton?

Educate Your Clients to Build Trust and Authority

When your patients have a health-related question and want to learn more, they often start their search on a search engine, like Google.

They’re looking for helpful guides and electronic books (eBooks) to learn about their health condition.

This search attracts people to your website, looking to learn more about various health topics. They enter their name and email address on your website, which sends them a digital copy of your eBook through email. They’ll also receive periodic emails to educate them on various health topics, while promoting your healthcare business or wellness practice.

If your eBook is a valuable resource, your clients will share it with others, promoting your health and wellness practice through viral marketing.

Our experienced team of researchers and writers in Edmonton can help you create eBooks and guides that attract an audience of people interested in learning more about your health products and services.

Printed Guides for Your Lobby

In addition to creating eBooks for your online audience, you can also create printed guides for your patients waiting at your front lobby, or for them to take home. These guides are custom branded for your practice and demonstrate your expertise in your field. When your patients take them home, they can now show your helpful guides to their family and friends.

Content Marketing eBook Promote Business Edmonton

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Content Marketing eBook Promote Business Edmonton

What Are the Benefits of Writing eBooks for Your Business?

Attract an Audience to Your Website Eager to Learn from You

  • Educate your audience of clients and potential clients, strengthening your relationship and demonstrating your expertise as a thought leader
  • Attract a large audience of people to your website, interested in learning more about your health products and services
  • Collect names and email addresses of every person that downloads your eBook, which grows your list of potential clients for email marketing
  • Develop and nurture a relationship with your Edmonton audience, which motivates them to book an appointment with you and your team
  • Increase your search engine rankings in Google

It is important to use the eBook to inform and educate your audience. This shows that you are willing to spend time doing something for them and gain their trust. Through content and design, you can also entertain and captivate the audience, thus driving them to come back to your website in the future.

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How Does Our eBook Writing Process Work?

Professional Researchers and Writers Supporting Your Practice

  1. First, we meet with you to learn more about your practice, your clients and your healthcare business goals.
  2. Then, we conduct research to learn more about your clients and their health and wellness needs.
  3. We work with you to choose a topic for your eBook that is helpful for your clients and potential clients in Edmonton.
  4. If you have time, you can research and write the material, and our team of graphic designers will create the eBook designs for you.
  5. If you’re busy, our team of researchers and writers produce well-written, extensively-researched eBooks, using only health journals and academic publications.
  6. Once you’ve approved the material, our team of graphic designers will create the eBook designs for you.
  7. Our marketing team ensures that each eBook is written to attract a large audience of people through search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.
Content Marketing eBook Promote Business Edmonton

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