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Stay Top of Mind with Your Clients

Stay in contact with your website visitors with email newsletters that provide insightful education, and promotes your healthcare business or wellness practice in Edmonton.

How Can Email Marketing Promote Your Healthcare Practice in Edmonton?

Nurture a Relationship with Your New Potential Clients

If a person is on your website learning about your health products and services, but they’re not ready to book an appointment, how else can they stay in contact with you?

If they have no way of staying in contact besides calling or emailing, they will leave your website and may not return in the future.

One of the best ways for a website visitor to stay in contact is to subscribe to your email newsletter. When a person subscribes to your healthcare newsletter, they’re interested in your products and services and want to remember your practice when they’re ready to book an appointment.

After subscribing, they receive a series of periodic emails from your practice to nurture that relationship over time. Then, when they need a new health and wellness provider, they think of you first.

In addition to marketing to potential new clients, your newsletter is also a great way to market to your existing clients. Many of your patients won’t book regular appointments unless they see a gentle reminder in your email newsletters.

A health and wellness practice newsletter is an effective way to stay in contact with your potential clients, while also promoting your health products and services to your existing patients in Edmonton.

89% of Canadians check and respond to emails daily.

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), 2018
Email Marketing Advertising Edmonton

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Email Marketing Advertising Edmonton

What Are the Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business?

Keep Your Audience Updated with Your Practice News

  • Stay in contact with your website visitors by encouraging them to subscribe to your email newsletter
  • Nurture a relationship with potential clients by sending them insightful emails periodically
  • Stay top of mind with your patients to remind them to book an appointment
  • Keep your clients updated with your Edmonton clinic or team updates
  • Promote your health products and services to your existing and potential patients
  • Increase your marketing return on investment with email newsletters

For every $1 invested in email marketing, the return on investment was $44.

Campaign Monitor, 2016

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How Does Our Email Marketing Process Work?

Automate Your Connections with New Clients

  1. First, we meet with you to learn more about your practice, your clients and your healthcare business goals.
  2. Then, we build email newsletter sign-up forms on your website and on separate landing pages for people to subscribe through social media.
  3. Our team of writers and designers in Edmonton creates an email sequence that welcomes new subscribers, and educates them on health and wellness topics.
  4. We also create a monthly newsletter for your patients that summarizes any updates from your healthcare clinic and team, educates them on various topics, and promotes your health products and services, reminding them to book an appointment.
Email Marketing Advertising Edmonton

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