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Your Customized New Patient System to Grow Your Practice

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Need Help Growing Your Practice?

Growing a healthcare business or wellness practice in Edmonton is becoming more challenging. In the past, it was easier to grow your private practice with only new patient referrals. Today, there’s a growing list of similar competitors offering similar health and wellness services. There’s also a growing list of options for how to grow your private practice.

We’re Experts in Growing Successful Healthcare Practices

Our Edmonton business and marketing consultants have grown many healthcare practices from initial launch to rapid growth of new practitioners. As a result, we have delivered many university presentations and industry conferences on starting and growing a successful healthcare business or wellness practice.

Grow Company in Edmonton

Are You Trained in Healthcare and Medicine?

Most of our Edmonton healthcare clients went to school to learn how to treat patients, not how to grow a private practice. We understand that your passion is medicine, not marketing. Now that you operate your own private practice, you have to learn about digital marketing, advertising, and other topics that weren’t covered in your graduate programs.

We’re Trained by Canada’s Best Marketing Schools

We’re experienced business and marketing consultants with extensive education and training from Canada’s leading academic and corporate institutions. Our founder, Sarkis, completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Alberta School of Business. He has created business plans and marketing tools for large corporations, such as TD Bank and Orangetheory Fitness, that have been implemented across Canada.

Get New Patients in Edmonton

Are You Busy Treating Your Patients?

We understand that your life is busy. Between treating your patients, maintaining your Continuing Education (CE) credits, reading the latest health journals, and spending time with your family, you may not have the time to learn how to grow your healthcare clinic or wellness practice in Edmonton.

We Dedicate Our Time to Grow Your Practice

Our Edmonton business and marketing consulting team is passionate about growing your healthcare business or wellness practice. We have the time and resources to grow your health and wellness clinic with new patients. We stay current with the latest industry certifications and read journals on marketing and advertising trends.

Get New Clients in Edmonton

Have Another Company or Employee Helping You?

You may already have another business or marketing consultant, specialist, or company in Edmonton helping you. You may also have an office manager or marketing manager doing your advertising for you. How are their marketing results? Is their performance higher or lower than average? Are they benchmarking their performance against industry averages?

We Can Work with Your Team, or Provide Our Own

Our business and marketing consultants in Edmonton are happy to work with your existing team. We can supplement their existing work and provide additional support. However, many of our clients find it hard to evaluate their team’s marketing results objectively. We can also conduct a practice checkup, which is our diagnostic tool to objectively measure your existing marketing results.

Grow Health and Wellness Clinic in Edmonton

Want an Evidence-Based System for Getting New Patients?

Many marketing consultants in Edmonton use a trial-and-error approach to marketing and advertising. They may try one or two tactics, see the results, and try again. This process is time consuming and expensive. This may also put your practice reputation at risk if the marketing methods used are not compliant with your college.

We Statistically Track Analytics to Measure Results

Our marketing consulting services in Edmonton use digital analytics to measure every aspect of promoting your private practice. We conduct primary and secondary research to collect data about your patients and marketplace. Then, we analyze this data to create an effective strategy to promote your practice. We statistically track every time a person views your advertisement, clicks on your ad, explores your website, and books an appointment.

Grow Private Practice in Edmonton

Want a Risk-Free Experience Without Contracts?

Many business or marketing consultants in Edmonton offer their services as part of a long-term contract that may last 6-12 months. If you’re unhappy with their results or their service after the first month, you’re stuck in their contract for the rest of the year.

Our Services Are Monthly and Can Be Cancelled at Anytime

Our business and marketing services in Edmonton are provided on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time. We don’t want you to feel stuck or unhappy with your results. We are committed to earning your business each and every month. As a result, we are confident in offering our business and marketing consulting services without any long-term contracts.

Grow Your Edmonton Health and Wellness Clinic

Consistently Attract New Clients

Grow Healthcare Company

Stand Out from Your Competition

Differentiate your practice from your competitors, increase your clinic’s recognition and credibility, and improve your clients’ loyalty to your practice.

Business Consultant Healthcare Edmonton Marketing Advertising Consulting

Grow Wellness Clinic

Make It Easier for Clients to Find You

Increase your clinic’s visibility to new clients and patients, making it easier for them to find you. Your clients will remember your practice easier the more often they see it in various places they visit online, especially at the top of Google’s first page.

Grow Health and Wellness Practice

Build Trust and Expertise with Your Patients

Enhance your perceived expertise and trust with new patients. By creating valuable content and helpful resources for your clients, they’ll trust you as a health expert and begin to rely on you. When they need help with their health, they’ll think of you first.

Grow Business Healthcare Clinic New Patients Edmonton
Grow Business Healthcare Clinic New Patients Edmonton

Grow with New Patients

Consistently Grow with New Appointments

Your powerful new patient system will consistently attract new visitors to your website. This allows them to learn about you and your team, as well as the services that you offer. Your new patient system will fill your appointment calendar with new clients.

Grow Your Healthcare Business or Wellness Practice

A Powerful Growth Engine to Grow with New Clients

Grow Business Healthcare Clinic New Patients Edmonton
Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing refers to any activity where a business initiates the conversation and sends a message (i.e. advertisement) out to an audience. The audience may or may not be looking for this service, so the message needs to be well timed for it to be effective.

  1. Increase the visibility of your private practice to a large network of new clients
  2. Focus your advertisement to a specific type of person using a digital database
  3. Attract visitors to your website from Google or social media immediately
  4. Measure, analyze and optimize your results with extensive analytics
  5. Digital advertising provides the most immediate direct results
Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing refers to any activity where a business attracts clients to their website or physical clinic location. The client initiates the conversation by actively looking for information online using a search engine, or digital platform.

  1. Increase the visibility of your practice to people actively looking for your services
  2. Create valuable content and helpful resources that attract clients to your website
  3. Be easily found on the first page of search engines, like Google
  4. Increase your perceived expertise and trust as a thought leader in your field
  5. Provides the best long-term financial return on investment

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Grow Business Healthcare Clinic New Patients Edmonton

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Working with Sarkis was surprising; the level of detail, the level of attention, and the level of thought that he put into our project was far more than I was expecting. It was very much appreciated.

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Business Consulting Marketing Advertising Healthcare Wellness Edmonton
Business Consulting Marketing Advertising Healthcare Wellness Edmonton
Business Consulting Marketing Advertising Healthcare Wellness Edmonton
Business Consulting Marketing Advertising Healthcare Wellness Edmonton
Business Consulting Marketing Advertising Healthcare Wellness Edmonton
Business Consulting Marketing Advertising Healthcare Wellness Edmonton
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