Market Research Target Market Edmonton

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Learn about your marketplace environment to discover what health products and services your clients truly want and need.

What is Market Research?

What products and services should you offer in your practice?
Should you focus on services for families with young children or for seniors?
What health products are growing in demand in Edmonton?

Many business owners in Edmonton offer services that their clients don’t actually want or need. This leads to wasted time, effort and resources for your practice. This can also lead to losing your clients to competitors that can better meet their needs.

Market research is the process of gathering information about your marketplace, competitors, potential clients, and the demand for your health products and services to make strategic decisions about your business.

Market research can help develop your business strategies and marketing objectives as well as give you a way to measure the success of your marketing activities.

Government of Alberta, 2018
Market Research Target Market Edmonton
Market Research Target Market Edmonton

Benefits of Market Research in Edmonton

  • Learn about your marketplace environment to determine what health products and services resonate with your clients and potential clients.
  • Discover the demographics (age, gender, family, profession) and psychographics (attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle) of your neighbourhood to offer the products and services that your clients actually want and need.
  • Identify which health products and services are growing in demand so that you can position your practice to capture this growing demand trend.

High-growth firms [e.g. greater than 20% annual revenue growth] are nearly 3x more likely to conduct frequent research on their market than no-growth firms.

Dr. Lee Frederiksen, 2018

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Our Market Research Process

Our experienced research team in Edmonton gathers information from various sources, such as:

  • Industry research reports
  • Commercial database of companies
  • Municipal, provincial, and federal government databases
  • Government agencies, such as Statistics Canada
  • Online search volume from search engines, such as Google
  • Online search trends using search engines and social media platforms

Then, we analyze this data and present valuable insights in a comprehensive report written specifically for you and your business.

A professional researcher will bring objectivity and experience to the table. The researcher can help you frame your questions to get the most out of the research. The professional will also be an expert at analyzing the data once it is collected, to help you draw valid conclusions.

Government of Alberta, 2018
Market Research Target Market Edmonton

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