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Edmonton Sales and Communication Training for Healthcare

Book More Appointments and Increase Client Retention

Your front desk staff and practitioners are your sales team that help you book appointments with new clients, and encourage clients to accept their treatment plan. Our sales and communication training in Edmonton will help them book more appointments and increase client retention.

What is Sales and Communication Training?

Build Strong Connections with Your Patients

Every business in Edmonton sells something, either a product, a service, an idea, or some other widget. It’s how the business is monetized and is able to generate revenue. Your healthcare business and wellness practice also sells products and services.

How do you effectively sell your products and services without making it awkward and uncomfortable for your clients?

Relationship-based sales is about creating a connection with another person, learning about their needs, and educating them on options to help them fulfill their needs.

Top performers in sales are three-times more likely to educate their clients than second-place performers. They also listen to their clients and understand their needs effectively.


Your front desk staff are your sales team that helps potential client callers book an appointment. Your practitioners are also part of your sales team that present treatment plans and encourage clients to accept them.

Our sales and communication training workshop in Edmonton teaches your team the sales skills they need to effectively communicate and promote your products and services in person, on the phone, or online.

Training Development Sales Skills Communication Edmonton

Your Workshop Includes

I always feel like I learn a ton of things after meeting with Sarkis and, not only that, he is truly inspiring to talk to!

Training Development Sales Skills Communication Edmonton

What Are the Benefits of Sales and Communication Training?

Increase Your Treatment Plan Acceptance Rate

  • Increase the booking rate of your front desk team by booking more appointments on the phone.
  • Increase the treatment plan acceptance rate of your health and wellness practitioners.
  • Build stronger relationships with your clients that become advocates of your practice and refer you to new clients.
  • Receive more positive reviews and testimonials from clients that had an exceptional patient experience during every point of contact with your team.

Do you have any questions?

How Does Our Sales and Communication Training Work?

Experienced Facilitators That Know Your Practice

We join you and your team at your health clinic or wellness centre in Edmonton. Our workshops are engaging and interactive, and we’ll review the following topics:

  • Sales theory 101
  • Delivering an exceptional client experience
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Science of building rapport
  • Phone call and in-person communication guide
  • Role-playing with team
  • Questions and conclusion

Did you know that up to 50% of new patient bookings are lost at the front desk?

Training Development Sales Skills Communication Edmonton

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Working with Sarkis was surprising; the level of detail, the level of attention, and the level of thought that he put into our project was far more than I was expecting. It was very much appreciated.

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