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Social Media for Health and Wellness

What is Social Media?

Social media is a digital technology that facilitates creating and sharing information, ideas, and other forms of content via digital communities and networks.

For social media marketing to be truly effective in your healthcare practice in Edmonton, it has to be about more than just advertising your business. Ideally, it creates an emotional connection with your patients, shares information and ideas that they find valuable, and creates a digital community for your clients to interact.

If you want to connect with people and be part of their community, you need to go where the community is. You need to be connecting before you are actually needed.

Ed Bennett, University of Maryland Medical Center, 2012

Social Media to Promote Business in Edmonton

Connect with Your Patients and Join Their Online Community

We can help you grow your Edmonton healthcare practice on most social media platforms, including:

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35% of all Internet traffic in Canada is on social media channels.

ComScore, 2018

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Edmonton Social Media Marketing and Advertising

How We Can Help You Grow Your Practice

Build relationships with your clients and promote your health products and services.

Increase the visibility of your practice to your clients and their entire network of followers.

Promote your health products and services through sponsored ads focused on your ideal clients.

42% of people have used social media to access health-related reviews, 30% have supported a health cause, 25% have posted about their health experience, and 20% have joined a health forum or community.

PWC, Health Research Institute, 2012

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Working with Sarkis was surprising; the level of detail, the level of attention, and the level of thought that he put into our project was far more than I was expecting. It was very much appreciated.

Dominic McKenzie, Float House Whyte
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