Dental Marketing: How to Attract New Patients to Your Practice in Edmonton

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Are you wondering how to attract new patients to your dental practice in Edmonton?

We wrote this guide to help you learn all about Edmonton dental marketing.

There are many different dental patient marketing strategies for your dental office, including traditional direct mail or digital marketing for dentists.

Some will attract new patients to your dental office, while others will be a waste of your time and budget.

Many dentists in Edmonton waste their advertising budgets on various marketing plans, marketing strategies, and marketing ideas for their dental clinic with mixed results.

Sometimes they get new patients, other times they don’t. Eventually, they may find the right combination of dental marketing strategies that gets new patients to their dental clinic.

This is called the “trial-and-error” strategy.

It works, but it’s time consuming and expensive. You have to keep trying every possible dental marketing idea until you find one or two that gets results.

Every business in Edmonton is unique, and your dental practice is also unique.

There’s a reason that your patients chose your specific dental office. It’s the combination of you, your dental associates, your front-desk team, your treatment efficacy, patient-centred care, quality of service, your location to their home and work, etc.

Learning about your patients helps you discover who they are, how they found you, what attracted them to your dental office, and how to get more new patients like them.

A dental marketing company may be eager to start implementing marketing ideas, often making assumptions about your patients and guessing how to get more patients into your practice.

Instead of taking a guess, we take a scientific approach.

One of our dental clients was about to purchase ads on LinkedIn and Twitter, because her clinic is located downtown and she thought that her patients are business professionals that use those social media platforms. After conducting our research, we discovered that most of her patients don’t use either platform, saving her a lot of time and money.

Before implementing any marketing or advertising ideas for dentists, we take a step back and look at our big picture strategy. We follow a three-step process:

Step 1: Research

Learn About Your Dental Patients and Practice in Edmonton

Research is the process of gathering information about your Edmonton dental practice, your patients, your competitors, and your marketplace environment, to help you make better business decisions.

When you listen to your patients on an ongoing basis, you become aware of their changing needs, goals and challenges. This intelligence gives your dental practice a competitive advantage in a fast-changing and over-saturated marketplace. Your dental clinic becomes better informed and more proactive than your competitors.

Learn about your patients and their oral health needs to position your practice to better fulfill their needs and attract more patients like them.

Learn about your marketplace environment to discover what dental products and services your patients truly want and need.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your dental business and marketing performance to make informed business decisions.

One of our dental clients was spending a lot of time and resources investing in a new treatment because a few of her long-time patients were asking for it. After we conducted a patient survey, we found out that most of her patients weren’t interested in the new treatment, only the few that asked for it. This saved her a lot of time and money from continuing to invest in this treatment.

Step 2: Strategy

Create a Dental Marketing Strategy to Attract New Patients in Edmonton

Conducting research helps you learn about your dental practice, patients and marketplace environment, which informs your business and marketing strategy.

This business and marketing strategy can be communicated internally as a business plan for you and your partners. You can also communicate this strategy externally to your patients through your logo and branding. Finally, you can use your Edmonton dental website to attract new patients to your practice.

Effective branding differentiates your practice from your competitors, increases your brand’s recognition and credibility, and improves your patients’ loyalty to your dental clinic.

Your website is the online headquarters of your dental practice. An effective dental website can help you grow your practice with new patients and strengthen your relationships with your existing patients.

Business planing to create a strategic roadmap to ensure the success of your dental clinic in Edmonton and to get funding from lenders and investors.

Step 3: Implementation

Digital Marketing for Dentists in Edmonton

Now that you have an effective strategy in place to attract new patients to your Edmonton dental practice, you can implement this strategy using digital marketing for dentists.

Digital marketing for dentists is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies on the Internet, mobile phones, tablets, and any other digital medium.

Digital marketing has changed every business industry, including dentistry. Traditional marketing and advertising are being replaced by powerful digital tools with robust analytics to optimize your marketing performance.

Google Ads are text, image, or video advertisements displayed by Google in their search engine results page, on websites and apps, as well as in YouTube. Get your dental website found on the first page of Google instantly.

Dental search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics to increase the position of your website ranking in search engines, like Google. Get your dental website found on the first page of Google Maps and Search results.

Connect with a large network of new patients on social media and focus your marketing message to the right audience. A combination of social media marketing and social media advertising for dentists will help you attract new patients to your practice.

Demonstrate your expertise as a thought leader in dentistry and attract new patients looking to learn from your resources as a dental expert. This includes blog writing, eBooks and email marketing services for dentists.

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+ Patient Survey
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  • 355% increase in website visitors from Edmonton
  • Ranking in first place in Google Maps for 8 high-volume keywords, such as Dentist, Dentist Near Me, Dental Office, Downtown Dentist
  • 279% increase in appointment bookings

Why Work With Our Dental Marketing Company in Edmonton?

The Business Clinic has a unique business model that exists at the union between a business consulting practice and a digital marketing agency.


We understand the dental industry in Alberta, your patients, your products and services, and the regulatory environment through extensive research and experience.


Our unique business and marketing services have been custom designed and created to support dental practice business owners in Alberta.


Our research team has surveyed thousands of patients of dental clinics in Alberta and we understand their needs, challenges, preferences, and buying behaviour.


We regularly consult with regulatory bodies, such as the Alberta Dental Association (ADA), on their codes of ethics to ensure that our clients always remain compliant.


We have professionally evaluated hundreds of dental websites and dental marketing strategies to learn what’s working well and what’s not working well, and we offer our insights to you.


Our mystery shoppers have secret shopped numerous dental clinic employees to learn their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate their ability to build rapport, identify needs, educate and present solutions, and finalize a sale.


We have conducted extensive market research in Alberta to determine what dental products and services your patients truly want and need, and which are growing in demand.

Are you ready to attract new patients to your dental practice?


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