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Digital & Online Marketing in Edmonton

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What is Digital & Online Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies on the Internet, mobile phones, tablets, and any other digital medium. 

Digital marketing has changed every business industry in Edmonton, including the health and wellness industries. Traditional marketing and advertising are being replaced by powerful digital tools with robust analytics to optimize your performance.

Digital Marketing Online Advertisement Grow Business Edmonton

Our research indicates that the fastest growing health and wellness practices in Edmonton use an optimal balance of traditional and digital marketing. Not all techniques are right for your practice, depending on the time, resources, and abilities of you and your team.

Learn the optimal balance of traditional and digital marketing to help your practice grow with new patients.

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Edmonton Digital & Online Marketing Benefits

What are the benefits of digital and online marketing in Edmonton?

31.6 million Canadians can be reached online through desktop and mobile devices.

comScore, 2018

74% of Canadians spend at least 3-4 hours online per day and 67% spend it on social media.

Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), 2018

Most people begin their search for a new health and wellness provider by searching online. Your potential clients will visit your website at least once before deciding to book an appointment. Most will even explore your social media channels to learn more about the culture of your practice.

If your website is difficult to find on a search engine, they will move on to another provider. If your website and digital marketing strategies are well executed, your practice will grow faster than your competitors.

97% of consumers go online prior to making a purchase to research products and services locally.

BIA/Kelsey, 2015

Benefits of digital and online marketing in Edmonton:

Demonstrate Expertise

Your potential patients want to know that your practice has the expertise to improve their health. Instead of telling them about your expertise, you can demonstrate it by offering valuable resources, such as blog articles, helpful guides, electronic books, and other publications. Digital marketing helps you promote these digital publications to a wider audience.

Build Relationships

People connect with people easier than they connect with companies. By connecting with your Edmonton audience on a personal level through social media, you and your team can effectively build and nurture relationships with a wider audience of potential clients.

Target Audience

Digital marketing tools allow you to focus your time and budget on a specific type of person that needs your health products and services. Through email marketing, keyword targeting, social media advertising, and other powerful digital tools, you can focus on delivering your message to the right audience.

Cost Effective

Traditional marketing and advertising is expensive, costing you time and resources. The average cost to reach 1,000 people through Canada Post is about $150. The average cost to reach 1,000 people through social media is less than $10.

Search Online

Most people in Edmonton begin their search for a new health and wellness provider by searching online. Even if they were referred to your practice by an existing patient, they will still research your website and online marketing platforms before deciding to book an appointment.

Social Media

Most of your patients use social media daily. If they can’t interact with you on their favourite social media platforms, they’ll interact with other health and wellness providers online. Leverage the large network of people and information on social media to promote your practice to a specific audience that is looking for your health products and services.

Powerful Analytics

Using traditional marketing and advertising methods makes it challenging to measure the success of your campaign. Digital marketing tools offer extensive data analytics to measure the performance of each campaign. This allows you to evaluate the return on your investment and re-position your strategy immediately.

When a buyer is researching a new product or service, 72% will turn to Google to begin their search, looking for educational material and customer reviews.

Pardot, 2015

How We Can Help

Our digital marketing and advertising services have been custom tailored for your health and wellness business in Edmonton.

Get your business website on the first page of Google using Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Connect with a large network of potential clients on social media and focus your marketing message to the right audience.

Demonstrate your expertise as a thought leader in your field and attract potential clients looking to learn from your resources.

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