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Business and Marketing Consulting for Health and Wellness in Edmonton

The Business Clinic is Alberta’s only business consulting and marketing agency that specializes in supporting the health and wellness industry. Our unique, custom-tailored business and marketing services can help you:

  • Learn about your clients and marketplace
  • Grow your practice with new patients
  • Retain your clients and earn more referrals

Albert Einstein was once asked, “If you were given a problem, upon which your life depended, and you only had one hour to solve it, how you would spend your time?”

He pondered on the question and responded, “I would spend the first 30 minutes analyzing the problem, the next 20 minutes in planning the solution, and the remaining 10 minutes in executing the solution.”

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Plan Solution



Execute Solution

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Why Work With Our Business and Marketing Consulting Company?

The Business Clinic has a unique business model that exists at the union between a business consulting practice and a digital marketing agency.


We understand the health and wellness industry in Alberta, your patients, your products and services, and the regulatory environment through extensive research and experience.


Our unique business and marketing services have been custom designed and created to support business owners in the health and wellness industry in Alberta.


Our research team has surveyed thousands of patients of health clinics in Alberta and we understand their needs, challenges, preferences, and buying behaviour.


We regularly consult with regulatory bodies, colleges, and associations on their codes of ethics to ensure that our clients always remain compliant.


We have professionally evaluated hundreds of health clinic websites and marketing strategies to learn what’s working well and what’s not working well, and we offer our insights to you.


Our mystery shoppers have secret shopped numerous health clinic employees to learn their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate their ability to build rapport, identify needs, educate and present solutions, and finalize a sale.


We have conducted extensive market research in Alberta to determine what health products and services your patients truly want and need, and which are growing in demand.

Edmonton Business and Marketing Consulting Resources

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Chapter 2: Google Maps

Chapter 3: Google Search

Business Insights

Social Media Guide

How to Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Chapter 1: Social Media Marketing

Chapter 2: Social Media Campaigns

Chapter 3: Social Media Advertising

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