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Business & Marketing Plan

Edmonton Business Plan and Marketing Plan for Healthcare

Create a Blueprint for Success

Write a business plan to ensure the success of your healthcare business in Edmonton and to get funding from lenders and investors.

What is a Business Plan? What is a Marketing Plan?

Your Roadmap to Practice Excellence

Do you want to create a blueprint for the success of your Edmonton business?
Do you need to get financing from lenders or investors?
Are you considering changing or revising your business model?

A business plan is a roadmap for your health and wellness business. It describes the nature of your healthcare practice, your business goals, how these goals can be achieved, and your financial projections.

Your business plan is your internal roadmap for you and your team. It is also an external pitch for lenders and investors to provide you with financing to launch or expand your healthcare business or wellness practice. Most banks and financial institutions will require a written business plan to apply for a business loan in Edmonton.

A marketing plan is one component of your business plan, focusing primarily on how you will promote your business to attract new clients. The success of many healthcare businesses in Edmonton depend on their ability to attract new patients to their practice.

Your Business Plan Includes

Executive Summary: business plan overview and summary of key findings, insights and strategies.

Business Overview: basic information of your business, including legal and trade names, business background, vision and mission, as well as business goals and objectives.

Marketplace: major demographic, economic, social, technological and regulatory factors and trends, market segment, products and services, risks and contingency plans, as well as analysis of competitors.

Sales and Marketing: list of customers and suppliers, advertising and promotion strategies, pricing and distribution, as well as customer service policies.

Operations: physical location needs, including renovations, equipment and all technology necessary, as well as a detailed action plan with timelines.

Human Resources: name, role and responsibilities of all team members, employees and contractors, as well as human resources policies and procedures.

Financial Projections: financial statements prepared by our Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), including balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss), as well as cash flow projections.

Business Plan Marketing Plan Healthcare Medical Health Wellness Practice Edmonton

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Business Plan Marketing Plan Healthcare Medical Health Wellness Practice Edmonton

What Are the Benefits of Business Planning in Edmonton?

Create a Winning Formula for a Successful Practice

  • Create a strategic roadmap to effectively launch or expand your healthcare business.
  • Apply for funding from banks and financial institutions in Edmonton.
  • Pitch your business to investors to secure investment capital.
  • Historical and projected financial statements prepared by our Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).
  • Set business goals and objectives to focus on your core business competencies.
  • Manage your cash flows and expenses with clear guidance from financial professionals.
  • Set milestones and track key metrics to measure your performance.

Ready to Start Your Business?

How Does Our Business Plan Writing Process Work?

Save Your Time and Feel at Peace with Our Trusted Expertise

  1. First, we conduct a discovery session to learn more about your practice, your goals and objectives, and to complete our questionnaire to gather information.
  2. Next, we begin our research to gather information about your marketplace environment, legislation, and all other regulatory considerations.
  3. Then we conduct a second discovery session to learn about your location needs, operational requirements, and human resources considerations.
  4. During these sessions, we continue our research into your industry and gather all relevant information necessary.
  5. Next, we conduct a financial discovery session with our Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) to begin gathering financial information, estimating all start-up costs and operating expenses.
  6. Once we have gathered all information necessary, our team of professional copywriters will write your business plan. Our Chartered Accountant will prepare your pro forma financial statements. Our graphic designers will professionally design the final document.
  7. We will send the completed business plan to you to review and ask for feedback. We will make as many revisions necessary until you are completely satisfied with your final business plan.
Business Plan Marketing Plan Healthcare Medical Health Wellness Practice Edmonton

Edmonton Business Consulting and Marketing for Healthcare

Do you have business goals in mind, but you’re not sure of where to start? Claim your free consultation to discuss your business goals and we’ll suggest strategies to help you realize them.

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